About Vernalis Research

Picture1Vernalis Research is 65 experienced staff based in Granta Park, Cambridge, UK. Our strength is solving problems in drug discovery. This expertise has generated five development candidates in the past six years and successfully identified cell-active lead compounds for more than nine other targets.

Our business model is to balance an internal portfolio of drug discovery projects with full collaborations on targets with pharmaceutical partners such as Genentech, Asahi Kasei Pharma, GSK, Lundbeck, Servier and Daiichi Sankyo. We aim to establish additional collaborations during 2018 / 19.

Our distinctive approach is to integrate the most appropriate methods in biophysics, protein structure and molecular modelling with medicinal chemistry. In addition, we have the experience and capabilities for progressing projects from target identification through to clinical candidate. The internal projects at Vernalis are in oncology and anti-infectives; our collaborations are across all therapeutic areas - currently oncology, neurodegeneration, anti-infectives and inflammation.