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Notice to previous Vernalis shareholders2019-11-26T08:14:46+00:00

Notice to previous Vernalis shareholders

Ligand Holdings UK Ltd (“Ligand”) acquired all the shares in Vernalis plc (now called Vernalis Limited) under the terms of a court approved scheme of arrangement on 10 October 2018.  All shareholders on our register at that time should have received correspondence from us about this acquisition and should have received payment (6.2p per share) for their shares by 24 October 2018.  If you believe you were a shareholder at that time but you have not received payment then please contact the shareholder helpline by email or telephone 0371 664 0321, giving your full name and share certificate number (if you have it).

We have recently become aware that some of Vernalis’ previous shareholders have received unsolicited telephone calls or correspondence from organisations or persons which claim or imply that they have some connection with Vernalis, refer to the Ligand acquisition and claim they can get a refund for Vernalis shares at inflated valuations subject to receiving a signed confidentiality agreement and certain payments.  These approaches are not authorised by Vernalis and are not legitimate.  Under the terms of the court approved scheme of arrangement referred to above Vernalis shares can only be transferred to Ligand in return for the approved acquisition price of 6.2p per share. We would advise you to be very wary of any unsolicited approach and if you have any questions about whether you are entitled to any payments for your Vernalis shares you should contact the shareholder helpline (details above).  More information about share scams and how to avoid them can be found on the Financial Conduct Authority website.